The National Arts Council is a corporate public institution established under the National Arts Act, No 23 of 1984. The Act repealed the National Arts Council and the National Music Council Act, both of 1974, to pave the way for the establishment of one Council responsible for all the arts.

The National Arts Council is mandated:

According to Act 23 of 1984, under which NAC was established, the functions of the Council include:

  • To revive and promote the development and production of artistic works including the production and use of indigenous and traditional musical instruments, songs, poetry, and traditional dancing with a view of reviving and promoting Tanzania Culture
  • To carry out research on the development, production and marketing of artistic works.
  • To provide advisory services and technical assistance for the development of artistic enterprises.
  • To plan and co-ordinate artistic activities.
  • To advise the Government on all matters relating to the development and production of artistic works.
  • To provide and promote training programmes and facilities.
  • To undertake the production, importation, exportation and sale of artistic works
  • To conduct exhibitions, displays, performances, workshops, seminars and competitions
  • To prepare regulations for registration of people and organizations involved in the arts.

Arts categories

This includes vocal, instrumental, audio or video recorded, written compositions, jazz, taarab, choral, brass and traditional music as well as musical accompaniment for dance, opera or dramatic performance.

Visual arts and Crafts

Involves paintings, drawings, etchings, lithographs, woodcuts, engravings and prints. maps, plans and diagrams, work of sculpture, computer produces designs, works of architecture in the form of buildings or models; works of artistic craftsmanship including pictorial woven tissues and articles of applied and industrial art.


This includes stage and radio drama, mime, dance and dance choreography, acrobatic, circus, playing, stage arts including scenery, setting, costumes, lighting and sound.


This includes feature films, documentaries, television drama and dramatic advertisements as well as electronically created dramatic animations.

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